Thursday, January 22, 2009

My lovely home....

I am doing this not only because Di and Jen did, but because I bring on things that are embarrassing and say, "Yeah, what's it to ya, Jill?"  It actually motivates me to change.  So here it goes....

9. My favorite room - this is out of order, sorry.  It's always messy, but easy to clean up, it's where Mike and I go to have some together time after the kids go to bed.

1. Laundry room - I wish this was last so we could end on a good note but, alas, it's not.  Most of you have been to my house, if not, the laundry room is actually apart of the T.V. room which I will showcase later, thus it has to be clutter-free or someone could get hurt (literally).

2.  Closet - It's been worse...

3. Self-portrait - honestly, people, this is taking it a little too far....
4. Kitchen sink - This actually isn't too bad.  This is dinner only dishes, too.
5. Fridge - It is what it is...
6. Favorite shoes - These are new, I've already blogged about them, they ROCK!
7. What my kids are doing right now - Well, it's 7:30pm when I took the pics, so they weren't doing anything crazy.....I also decided to add Robb as one of my children since I house him and feed him.
Cason jumped up from bed right when I opened the door....CHEESER!  That's Kemper, the dog.
Here's Brock fast asleep on the other side of the room from Cason...please don't comment on the torn wallpaper, it's on the to do list.
Taycie is also asleep.  I actually started to redo this room before I had Rhett.  I tore the wallpaper off, now we just have to paint....ugh.
And last, but not least, Rhett.  He is on his way up to bed.
8. Bathroom - I had to take a pic of my awesome bum-washer-thing.  
So this is a little embarrassing, but when I showed Mike the picture he said, "What's so embarrassing about it?"
So there you have it.  I want ya'll to do this too.  I love to see other people's houses!  Don't cheat either!  Right when you read this blog you need to take pics of your own house!  Good luck.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just for smiles..

Brock loves to sit up on the counter and "help" me cook.  Today, I decided to spice things up with a wooden bowl.  He thought it was the coolest accessory ever invented.
So I have been meaning to get a pic of the kids lined up to show the stairs effect in their heights.  Yes, I let them wear basically whatever they want, whenever they want.  They didn't hold still very well, but I plan to take a pic every year to see they height changes!  You are getting the first installment.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun times now....

It is so sad.....this is what we do for fun now!  Ever heard of "ear candelling"?  Mike is a great salesman, he also is a HUGE SUCKER!  He believes everything he reads (which comes in handy with his testimony) and buys lots of worthless stuff!  This is supposed to get excess ear wax out of your ear and make your hearing so much better.  Well, after the experiment he finally admitted that it was $3 not very well spent.  It reminds me of Pete's Dragon.  Those two phony guys trying to get every town to buy their fake stuff, well, Mike is the guy in the front with the pink hair.  To redeem ourselves, I thought I would also post some "pre-kid" and dating pics just so everyone knows that we used to be kinda cool.....and I know I used to be a lot skinnier!

It's amazing how patient you can be with other people's kids!
This is Halloween, I'm the witch and that's my bro-in-law, Jeff.
Somewhere in Houston, where we sold pest control for a summer, yes, we actually went out!
Mike in NY with some friends.
Chillin' with my chunky cell phone.
Miami after a cruise!
After a dance at BYU-I.  
We look so young!
We were engaged, and my wisdom teeth got taken out, hence, the chipmunk cheeks.  By the way Trevor, Thanks a million, because that's probably what it would have cost me without your generosity!!

So you see?  I have the proof, we used to be kinda normal!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our mothering Teos...

This is our friend Teos.  She loves to hold Rhett and feed him his bottle.  I caught them at a very tender moment when she was feeding Brock.  I love how Brock tells her "no, I'm done", and then when she is about to take a bite, she offers it to Brock first.  She is such a sweetie!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hit the treadmill, Jack!

My side of the family is having a weight loss challenge.  I wanted to post all of the excuses I have with eating junk food and not working out.  
1. "I already ate a piece of candy this morning so I might as well eat what I want today"
2. "I will just eat this and start eating healthy tomorrow"
3. "I have to eat all of the junk in the house first, and then I can start my diet!"
4. "I am way too sore to go running today."
5. "I will just sleep in and go running tonight"
6. "I really can't run today, I have too much to do"

Get with it Jill!  I know these excuses.  Now when they go through my head I will know them for exactly what they are......lame.