Sunday, March 30, 2008

Love-hate relationship

Cason and Taycie have always been close.....whether that means close enough to slap in the face or close enough to hug and's a toss-up. As we speak they have decided to shut themselves in Taycie's room and play and laugh together (I leave them alone, scared to find out what is actually making them laugh). An hour ago, they were yelling and hitting each other. I am exhausted just explaining this to you. I guess looking on the bright side, at least there is loyalty, even if it only exsists when the other isn't there, or only when other kids come to play. They are in the true sense of the words, best friends.


I am really excited about this pregnancy because we will brobably be done after this and that is a very releasing thought for me. I get to take whatever medicene I want, I can go on roller coasters, all the things that restrict you when you are pregnant. I am not due until November and I have never had a winter baby. I am a little scared for RSV season since Brock got it already and it wasn't the best experience. I am determined to keep in shape and not gain to much weight this time around so that it actually won't be difficult to get around the last two months. I am not scared to admit that if I don't have a girl I will be very dissapointed. I feel like that would totally seal the deal, but Taycie has proved to be my hardest child (by far), so I guess I could get used to the idea of another little boy. Here are some of the names we (meaning, I) have come up with. Boys - Rhett, Drew, Justin, Brady, Max. Girls - Aniston Elise. There is no negotiation on the girl name, although I am open to different spellings if you want to vote on you favorite name or spelling, go right ahead.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Family Pictures

I thought I had planned everything out so well, until we got to Target. I got new frames for my wall, so I needed new family pictures to fit them. I scheduled our appt. in between naps, and the last time we had family pictures, the kids had been so good. It was evident upon first arriving that "being good" was not part of the kids preparation. Cason and Taycie were determined to give a good shot of them picking their noses. And Brock was only concerned with soothing his aching gums that he kept his hand in his mouth the whole time. Mike was laying tummy first on the floor for a couple of shots, and he seemed to only be comfortable if he was spread eagle. Needless to say, I was the only well behaved usual. Why couldn't they smile like this?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hammond Hot Spot begins

I'm a blogger now! Okay, this should be interesting.