Friday, November 12, 2010

Cancun, Family and Friends

I'm feeling ungrateful gratitude. Wait, let me start over...

Mike is involved with Dish Network and Direct TV. Because he and all the rest of Dish One/Bioguard (our pest control company) work so hard and are so good at what they do, Mike and I have gone on numerous trips recognizing him and the rest of the hard-working guys for their accomplishments. I've been to Bahamas (3 times), Florida Keys, Istanbul, Ephesus (ruins are AWESOME!), Belize, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Greece, Italy, Pompei!!, and just recently Direct TV sent us to Cancun.

So here comes the ungrateful part. I'm DONE! I feel guilty leaving kids, I miss them, and honestly, if you've been to one tropical island, you've been to them all. Same souvenirs, same water, same beaches, same little kids trying to sell you the same little flutes (it breaks my heart), and although Europe is cool, I think I'm not the traveling kind......yet. I think it goes back to my early days when I would read in my room for hours doodling and thinking of those boys I was interested at the time. I'm comfortable where I live. I still think about that house on John Day where I grew up till I was in third grade.

Here is the grateful part. All of the help we get with our kids! Uncle Jeremy and Auntie Robyn watched Brock and Taycie. Taycie threw up one day, Brock diarreahed in his underwear more than once. Oh. My. Goodness. Awards, anyone? And when Robyn's parents were in town and they needed to get away, there was Brigitte to watch them and take them to Farm Country and show them a good time. Cason and Rhett were with Jeremy and Nadia Jackson, some good friends of ours. Don't worry, Cason threw up one night, as well. While there, my boys were treated to Farm Country, Home Depot's building center, Swimming!, parks, rock climbing and an actually sweet woman instead of their cranky old mom! I just couldn't have asked for better people to take care of my kids. I'm am grateful for their willingness and comments of "We'll take them anytime!" My heart is full because of them, not Cancun.

So here's some news....I'm pregnant for the 5th......yes, 5th time! Number 5 is due June 18th! Mike is ready to take the fetal position himself, but we can do anything with the Lord's help......right? RIGHT!!?? 5 kids 6 and under, and before you ask, yes, we planned it!