Wednesday, September 17, 2008


These two adore each other.

Can you believe this girl's eyes?
Cason would always rather pull a silly face...

Best buds.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ladies and Babies

Girls weekend was great! Here are a few pics of the good times had by all....All the baby girls, Ailey, Vanessa, Kaila, and Eliza.
Being the experts that we are this photo shoot (shirts from Erin) took all but 1.5 minutes, tops.

Mommys are Amy, Di, Jen, and Erin.

Hand and foot is a must, just a little harder when trying to distract the little ones from eating the cards.

ELIZA HOLD STILL FOR AUNTIE!! I am attempting to tame the mane of our little firecracker, Eliza.

This is the best pic I have of the proof that there is a little gollum in us all. Sorry Erin, I had to put it in...our little Eliza sporting the all the gloriousness of her hair.

Jen would not cooperate...urg....but I thought this was cute of Kaila who looks adorable in just about any color..

She was tackled numerous times by the force of Eliza's hugs but managed to make it through the tough times with a tear or two and lots of smiles!

Here is sweet Vanessa, with whom I got to travel with and who is such a great little girl!

She never calls attention to herself. And I looked at her a couple of times to realize that she had been looking at me for awhile just smiling without my attention on her. (either I am really funny looking, or really beautiful...)

And here is the lady of the weekend!! Miss Ailey (pronounced I-Lee) Mae.

She was so alert and even had Isaiah's "golden arches"! Amy is such a good mom and never complains about the stresses of motherhood, and her kids adore her!

All in all it was an awesome week! Thanks to the girls who made it possible.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A couple items that don't realate...

Hammond camping trip. It wasn't that bad for the pregnant lady except that the kids got cold at night and had to all sleep with us in our queen air mattress! They took the kids hiking up to table rock and the kids got 5 miles and had to turn back with Unlce Jeremy and Grampa. Mike got all the way to the top and for about a week afterward was complaining about all the aches and pains. All I had to say was, "Try having a baby..."

Brock has bronchilitis (sp?)...again. He has already had it once and RSV as well. These are all of his "keep me breathing" supplies. Too much for a little guy if you ask me. He also had an ear infection, thus, the anti-biotic, and he has to have a steroid to strengthen his lungs. He acts as though there is nothing wrong with him.

Next item-first day of school! Cason is going to preschool down the street with Sister Hagar (yes, they even call their teachers "sister" here in Utah). He loves it so far and is excited to take his Thomas the Train backpack. These kids really love their dad.
I realized I might want to reevaluate my parenting techniques when Taycie, BEFORE she goes outside says, "Mom, I need to take my shoes off". And I also think their might be something amiss when their feet are dirty even before they put their shoes on....aren't only the bottoms supposed to be dirty?