Friday, November 13, 2009

More on Mike

Last night at about 2:30 am right after Mike goes to bed after homework.....

Mike: "What is that sound?"

Me: (Half asleep) "I don't hear anything"

Mike: "It's something in the attic! I'm tired of having an old, run-down house! It's something in the attic! Something is broken in the attic and it's going to catch on fire and burn down the house.

Me: (Half asleep, questioning, once again, my husband's sanity) "I'm sure it's nothing.....I really don't hear anything.

About twenty minutes later, after I've just fallen back asleep.....

Mike: "There it is again!" (getting out of bed, and heading toward the offending noise) I know it's something in the attic that's broken. I can't sleep! I can't believe you can't hear that! We need to fix it now or it could catch on fire..... (now at the window) .....oh, it's just the rain on the window, nevermind....

Me: (Long pause) ..... (cue hysterical laughter)

When I try to explain Mike to people I know who haven't met him or really don't know him, I usually have to use stories. He is so unique and quirky. I think this story sums him up pretty good. If there is something on his mind, it has to get done! We love our Daddy around here.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sick? Sick!!

Seeing Erin in Seattle.....great. Finally, witnessing Wicked.....priceless. Eating at Claim Jumpers.....heavenly. Going to the furniture store to see Erin's soon-to-be couches.....comical. Afraid of seriously losing my guts (whatever "guts" actually is) while having diarrhea and puking in the furniture store bathroom.....could have done without it. Seeing Josh and Erin's faces when they saw my blotchy skin, blood shot eyes, swelling ankles, pale face and detatched expression....hilarious (too bad I wasn't in any mood to laugh). Convulsing with uncontrollable shaking for two hours.....painful. Paying a lot of money to go to an emergency room out-of-state....could have done without that one too. Benedryl through an IV.....again, heavenly. Having an 8 month pregnant sister following ME into the emergency you may all start cracking up.
Thanks to Erin for taking care of me when I was supposed to be taking care of her. Thanks to Josh who very chivorously drove me where I needed to go and stayed at the hospital when I knew he wanted to just go and get those dang couches already!! I love family. I would say that I owe Erin one, but here's the great thing about this family.....we don't keep score. I will help any of them whenever they need it and they will help me when I need it. Thanks so much Erin and Josh! For taking care of me and being bright lights in our family. Congratulations on little Justin!