Monday, December 29, 2008

Last chance!

Here you go people!  Couple more days and then I'm going private so get your tushies in gear!  Leave your email here!

And for your viewing pleasure.....a very regular sight at the Hammond reading in my favorite chair (I can see in the kitchen and up the stairs at the same time, convenient for toddler control). 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I am one of those moms who can't wait for their child to start responding to them...yes, the cuddly part about a newborn is nice....but I want them to think I'm funny!!  Here is my attempt to make faces at Rhett while taking a picture at the same time.  

Friday, December 19, 2008

Conversations with Taycie

Taycie:  Scowling, "Mom, Cason called me a Booda".

Me:  "That's funny, what's a Booda?"

Taycie:  "Uh,....uh....that's my daddy." 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Best Friends, and Zac....

Girls' night out!  My friends took me out for my birthday.  We had a fun night eating out and going to Twilight.....again.  I don't know what I would do without my friends, they keep me sane, remind me that I can laugh at really dumb things, relate with the stresses I'm facing, and don't laugh, and actually share my love for the younger men, namely Zac Efron (By the way, this picture of him is who I picture as Edward except with the hair a little more like Robert Pattinson's and eyes a little more liquid gold and skin a little more white :).   What would I do if I didn't have them?  Or him?  (Rhetorical question, don't answer)

Hey don't forget to give your email address if you want to still view my blog in January!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Going private, too.

I'm gonna go private like so many others at the beginning of the year so comment your email if you want to still view my blog come January!  If you're anything like this psycho don't bother commenting!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Family

I love them!  Here is everyone all together.  Mom, Dad, Robb, Evan, Amy, Adam, Isaiah, Maddox, Ailey, Erin, Josh, Eliza, Mike, Jill, Cason, Taycie, Brock, and little Rhett.....whew!!  

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have loved hearing everyone talk about their "confessions" on their blogs, so I decided to shake things up and do a "favorite things".  I want to hear about everyone's fav things too!  Here are my awesome stockings!  They actually had 6 different characters to choose from, luckily for us, and all were adorable.

Mike's is on back order.  He is Santa.  Each stocking has something "real" they are holding and you can personalize them too!  The stocking holders are my second fav thing.  They won't bust my kids' heads if they fall and they bend and expand to fit any mantel.  A little pricey at 20 bucks for 4 but well worth it since I haven't had them even threaten to move.
They come in silver and gold and I'm just looking at the picture wondering why I didn't get gold.....sheesh.

For entertainment purposes I will tell you the one thing I didn't like about these stockings.  I want you to take note of the smiling Mrs. Claus.... 

And another big smile from Cason the snowman..

Taycie the penguin has a smile and a wave.....HI!!
And then we have Rhett the moose who always is feeling cheery while gathering wood....
And then we have.....wait for it.....Brock the bear, what a grump.
What is this all about?  I am getting a sewing kit for my birthday and plan to remedy the situation the best I can, wish me luck.  

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Old camera, great memories!

So I cme across this old camera and decided to post some of the pics! Here is Brock sometime early in his life.....not looking very happy!
Taycie checking out the vent.

Toothpaste? Oh no, Taycie goes for the good stuff......DIAPER OINTMENT!!

I-pod junkies

What better way to spend the day than to sit back in a laudry basket with a can of beans!

Rhett's photo shoot

In an attempt to make Rhett look like he might have been at our family pictures, I put on my own photo shoot .... He was fading fast so we tried to hurry for an eyes open shot....and failed in most attempts. These are just a few of the millions we took.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

His Name's Michael, but yes, we call him Rhett!

So Rhett came 2 weeks early due to another round of violent sickness (I won't elaborate for those weak of stomach) which brought on contractions. He was 8 lbs. 4oz. 20 in. and came out with red hair, but has since turned into something many disagree on. My mom's plane ticket was for my due date, the 14th....
so my sweet mommy-in-law and sister-in-law came to save the day. They are so much appreciated and I am seriously thankful, not only because they did house chores but also because I came home to...

Cason and Brock with the FLU!! The first night home Mike and I spent the time taking care of a newborn and doing vomitty laundry, bathin rash ridden b-hinds, and forcing unwilling patients to swallow a little pedialite....and here's the proof of all the agony on Cason's face.

They have since gotten better and are very happy new siblings to da-da-da-daaaaa....Rhett!

He is such a good baby and we love him too much already!!

Halloween, but glad it's over....Now all I hear is, "Mom, can I have a piece of candy?"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Family Pictures...again

Okay, so here they are. This is mostly for our parents who get to choose what shots they want and what size....but have fun everyone else!
Our beeeutiful fam
Taycie workin' the camera.

We have the only two pics of Cason smiling genuine on here.

Brock cried most of the time but got quite a few good shots...go figure.

Our little princess.

Here you go...the prego shot, and here is the real Brock.

She told us to roar, I think it turnes out pretty well!

This totally captures the kind of dad Mike is.

Brockers getting a smooch from mama.

I can break out the aahhs right about now.

Our handsome man.

His lips are a little blue, but just to match his eyes.

Can we go to Kangaroo Zoo?

I know it's expensive, but can we go to Kangaroo Zoo? How long do we have to wait until we can go back? Mom, I love Kangaroo Zoo! These are just a few of the phrases that come out of my kids' mouths concerning KZ. This is a warehouse full of huge blow-up bounmy toys that the kids play and get hurt on. Every scrape that Taycie gets at home she attributes to playing too hard at Kangaroo Zoo. I don't know if you can see Brock's head in one of the first ones of Cason and Tacyie going pull blast down the slide.....that was pre-collision/screaming/scene.