Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hammond House Mornings

I thought I would give you front row seats to the show I get most mornings. Cason is our little athlete and we are glad Taycie tries! Notice Cason's Kung-Fu/breakdancing moves. I think it would go well with a good wholesome Techno beat, if I ever let him listen to it. Taycie is just happy to involve Ammon, one of our house guests.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Dream Home....Well, mine at least!

If you know even just a little about me, you know I'm obsessed with floor plans. Here is the end of the search...I think!

I love everything!

It's not for everyone. Just me. I think I'm going to add a basement with a storage room and another multi-purpose room. Waddya think?

My Family

Still a perfect staircase!

Rhett. Happy to be with siblings, happy to be with dad, happy to be with mom. Happy!

Brock. Fiercely loyal, Snuggle bug, great screamer.

Taycie. No pretenses, true to herself, puffs dad up, respects mom.

Cason. OBEDIENT, honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous. My straight arrow.

Valentine's Day

Mike: "The Daff-O-Dillies, or whatever, are supposed to bloom on Valentine's Day!"

I love, love, love my husband.
Every Valentine's Day I tell him not to get me any flowers because it costs too much and they don't really mean that much to me.
But every Valentine's he never fails to purchase those over-priced, beautiful flowers.
I'm glad he does.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

To: Mom From: Cason

You're sure welcome kiddo......I love you.

Monday, February 8, 2010


When Mike told me how serious he was about getting married when we were dating, a couple things went through my mind right away. 1. This man is righteous and I would be taken care of. 2. I have a missionary coming home in two weeks who I love very much. 3. I must tell Mike I want to commit to him.

Mike and I are very different in our decision making process. He has to think things through logically. When all the pieces fit together logically, he will then go to the temple and pray about a certain decision and get confirmation.

I work almost completely with the spirit and I commit to that confirmation almost immediately.

I had a situation come my way recently where this happened to me. I am overwhelmed by what that decision will mean for the rest of my life, but I know that it is right for this girl and this family and that everything will be all right no matter what happens.

Mike still is piecing together the logical puzzle.

He recently asked me how I can feel so strongly about something so quickly. I replied, "You didn't complain when I said yes to you."

He said, "No, no I didn't", and eased into one of his knowing smiles.