Friday, February 13, 2009

The Hammond Hotel

Let's get down to the nitty gritty.....we have housed a lot of people!  I thought I should record all of the people that have stayed with us just so we can look back and say, "What in the world were we thinking?!"  Some stays have been really cool, some not so much so.  So here we go.....
House #1 - Good ol' Rexburg, Idaho
Dwayne and Danella (can't remember last name) basement renters.
Craig, Carrie and Riley Anglesey (my cousin, his wife and daughter), basement renters after above mentioned moved out.
Jeff Hammond (Mike's brother), spare bedroom resident of upstairs for 10 mos.
House #2 - Pleasant Springs Apartments, Pleasant Grove, Utah.
Jacob Burrow (cousin of Mike's), resided with us, can't remember how long.
Kim Hammond (Mike's sister), can't remember how long either.
House #3 - Saratoga Springs, Utah
Jeff and Cami Hammond, newlyweds come to stay for a couple months. 
Kim Hammond graced us with her present yet again, we actually loved having Kim live with us.
House #4 - Somewhere over the rainbow, Utah
Alex Amini (sells for Mike), resided for two mos.
Tim, Laura, Jackson, and Lindy Anglesey (my cousin's fam) stayed for maybe a month.
Robb Anglesey (my bro) came end of summer 2008 and is still here.
The sad thing about this whole thing is that I think I have missed a couple people.....sheesh!  
I think I now have to have a couple extra rooms and bathrooms for those who need to stay with us because we honestly feel that we have been blessed for extending our home to others.  But don't get any funny ideas.....I still say no frequently....okay, not frequently, but often....okay, not often but sometimes.....okay, not sometimes, but I did once.......whatever.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obsess much?

You have to know me pretty well to know that I love looking at floor plans.  I know what I want and can't ever find it, so I have made it an obsessed goal to find the perfect floor plan for me.  Here is just a taste of what I look at for at least.....nevermind, I'm not even going to tell you how much time I spend looking at these.
It all starts when I watch my favorite movies, the "Father of the Bride's".  They are by far and away my favorite movies and I LOVE THE HOUSE.  I actually find out as much info as I can, because I love the floor plan.  So they supposedly have the floor plan at architectural designs, but it is not the right one (just trust me).  So I have done more research and found out that they actually used one house for the front and they used this house for the back yard and the hoop scenes.   
It's also the same house they used on "Guess Who" (another fav movie).  Check out this back yard!  I love the little gazebo area and the court and the porte cochere.  So I have been trying to draw out my own plans to figure out how it all works but still no luck. 
If you have any leads, set me know.  In the meantime, I'm still on the hunt.  By the way, we are not thinking about moving or any thing, although this has been the longest we have ever stayed anywhere and we are getting a little antsy, we will stay in this house until we move out of Utah.  But now that I have spent a little too much time on this stuff, it is going to be next to impossible to find something I like.....I'm doomed.