Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Zoo

I was really looking forward to the zoo, I have always thought of the zoo as some awesome thing I rarely got to do as a child, just like chuck e. cheese. Well, it was boring. The kids weren't interested in the big animals because they didn't DO ANYTHING! They just sat there and napped, or in the orangutan's case, sat AND picked their nose. The kid's favorite part was the small animal building where there was a type of squirrel that jumped all around his pen. I must admit, it was my favorite part, too. It was good to get out as a family, though. Also, the weather was PERFECT!!

Back yard

So our pool is finally it just has to get warm enough to swim in. We are very anxious!

Monday, May 5, 2008

For Grandma and Grandpa Anglesey

I just wanted to thank you guys for all the love and support we get from you. Taycie loved her b-day card, especially since it had a teddy bear and a giraffe on it, which are two things she can say well. Thanks again from me and here is a thank you from Taycie....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

See if this works...

I wasn't looking through the camera, just turning it around because I thought that there were a lot of cute things happening in the car and we never get footage of them. Here is Cason pretending to grab Brock's arm and eat it, Brock loved it and Cason loves to make him laugh. I think Taycie was feeling a little left out.....