Wednesday, August 18, 2010

End of Summer Slump

Other than Cason and Mike's birthdays, we have a pretty boooorrrriiiinnnggg August. So here is just a few very bbbooooorrrrriiiinnnggg pictures of things that have occupied our August thus far:

Who slayed the poodles? I think the job was left half done, as evidenced by the clumsily disposed of corpse of the standard.

If you like laundry, you'll love my house.
Four days worth of laundry for the Hammonds.

And for the grand finale......Cason's tan!
Sorry Cason! I had too! Don't forget, you said I could!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Looongest Vacation

So here is what happened:

7 hour trip to Garden Valley, Idaho (without Mike).
Whitewater rafting
Summer outdoor Theater
Card Playing

When Mike got there, Taycie had to have him sleep with her in the tent.
Uncle Josh reading to Taycie and Eliza. As far as I'm concerned, a reunion just isn't a reunion without Waldo.
5 hour trip to Kennewick.
The SPLASH PARK!! Cason, Rhett, Maddox, Brock and Taycie taking a breather before REALLY getting wild.
Picking a nose while wearing Uncle Evan's shoes. Talented? I think so..
And the wonderful ride home.... 10 hours, to boys who LOVE to scream at each other and no, I repeat....NO DVD PLAYER!! We made it with my sanity barely in tact. (Again, Mike wasn't there.)
A quiet moment captured by Cason between the screams.
REALLY bored
I'm glad we were able to spend so much time with family. I'm glad we were safe. I'm glad the "creep" (what Taycie called the creek behind our cabin) never came and got us out of our beds.