Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My yard!

Trying to get the house and yard in selling condition.  We aren't moving, it would just be nice to get the house the way we want it BEFORE we actually move (which isn't for a long time).  Hope you like it mom!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Themes of the last few weeks...

Robb is gone!  We are so sad that he left but Evan has moved right in to the bigger room and we will see him in June....miss you already, Uncle Robb!  (This pic is for some ID he had to get, sorry about that Robb!) 
Play dates! There were quite a few freezing cold spring days so we have been having play dates to pass the time, here is my kids with the Larson's.  We love playing with Calder, Meridian, and Ammon. 
Blue eyes!  Let's just take a break and thank our Heavenly Father for the tender mercy of giving our children traits we don't have......such as beautiful blue eyes.
Nakedness!  Honestly, lately I am just glad when I can get her to keep her underwear on.  
Strangulation!  What do you get when you tie the sled to the top of the slide with a nylon rope and slide down?   This.....
(For my benefit:  the rope has been thrown away, and Brock has completely healed and it was not my idea)
Sick!  What sick looks like at our house-

Broken Trees!  Late heavy snow results in broken blossomed trees, it is actually worse in real life.
Spring!  Do I dare say it is here to stay awhile?????
Little TV!  My kids would rather watch this little guy than the big tv.  They love to huddle together and watch their movies.  So cute.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adam for President!!

Okay, I've stayed quiet for long enough......ADAM RULES!!  That felt good.   I love Adam!  He is mature and treats everyone with respect, I love that.  His voice is different and in control and UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  I feel like such a highschooler voicing all this, but honestly people, 
I only have ears for this guy.  I do like Danny and Kris is growing on me.  I like Allison.  But Adam is the only one for me (and by the way, yes I've seen the pictures).

Monday, April 6, 2009

Guess which one....

Okay, Taycie (I hope) is obvious with her bow and pink, but it's as unisex as I could find.....can you guess the others?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

On my mind

I love stuff to be personalized!  I think my obsession started with our Christmas stockings growing up.  They were all the same style with different colors and each had our name on it.  I have posted before about our fabulous stockings and now I can post about these beauts!  Have you ever heard of Etsy?  It's handmade stuff.  I just got on there and got in touch with this lady who makes these awesome baskets.  I picked the fabric and she did the rest!  
Honestly, I am so happy with these, and I looked everywhere for something I wanted!  
On to something else.....how about Cason's photography skills?  This little man will occasionally go around the house with our camera and take pics much like these....
Taycie humoring Cason with her "silly face".
Mike getting a little out of control while saying "cheeeeeese!"  (He swears he sounds just like Sloth on the Goonies and I tell him I don't recall Sloth being annoying.)
We just ignore him....
He took about twenty of these and I naturally chose the best one to pass along to you.  (Don't mind the lack of make-up and pjs.)
Brock being a good sport and willing to do anything his big bro asks him to do.

And just to throw in.....a perfect pig's tail!
This is embarrassing.  I always feel so bad when I go down to check on Rhett and he is doing this.  He jumps himself to sleep!  When I pick him up he will just be fussy until I put him back in this thing!  Thanks to Erin for letting me borrow it!
And last, but not least, our sweet uncles.   Uncle Robb and Uncle Evan are living with us and we love it.  Cason always has note of where Evan is located and if he has lost track he will ask me where he is and when he is coming back.  Taycie has become very fond of Robb and gets her feelings hurt everytime he laughs at something she does because she thinks he is making fun of her.  Here is a little hidden camera work by me.  Enjoy!!