Friday, March 18, 2011

Fresh Spring start!

Well........This is awkward. I haven't updated this blog since November? Wow. Well, here's to turning a new leaf.......again. Let's just jump in with a very lengthy "I've really been doing this all along" post.

Here is to my new goal.
I borrowed this from my friend Jayna's blog.
Why can't I just sit and read with my kids? I want to. I know I need to. I should.
Okay, I'll do it!
I want two of these beds, for two of my boys......please, Fate, give me all I want.
Oh, yeah, and if it's not to much to ask, this bedding for Taycie's new full bed? Thanks.

Not that it is as cool to me as someone else, but I got to see the Lakers sans Shaq (just my luck) this close!
I have to admit that the dinner they served before was much more my highlight of the night.
There is just something about food made by people other than me that just makes me happy.

We have had two incidences with stitches in the last couple months. First, Taycie, who thought it was a brilliant idea to get the dried playdoh out of her cookie cutter with our sharpest Cutco Knife!
10 stitches. She has a nasty scar, but don't worry about her! She didn't cry and she was certainly glad she had one more stitch than her brother, Brock, who slipped on our wood stairs and split his chin.
No crying to get them in, but oh, you better believe they had to have three people holding him down to get those buggers out. He was screaming "Let go of ME!" "MOM, MOM, MOM!" I was in tears by the time it was over. Drama.

Uncle Evan has been living with us since early November. I love to have the company. He is going into the Air Force to either be in Combat Control, or a Pararescue Man. I only know a little, he knows a lot more, but he is at the gym a ton and comes home to tell me all the goings on. I love it, and him.
And, he FINALLY cut his hair! Praise the Lord, because it is truly a miracle!

Have I told you about my friends lately? Here is Lisa.
Some people don't need to interact with other adult females. I do. Yes, we talk about our kids incessantly, but we also laugh and cry about every aspect of our lives! I don't know what I would do without my friends, they are the best, now Lisa, Pictures don't wait, so SMILE!

So I'm 27(?) weeks pregnant with our 5th child. It's a BOY! Big surprise...yes, I was dissapointed at first, I already struggle with the youngest two fighting and I thought a girl would be far enough away from Taycie to not fight over clothes (like me and my sisters did) and not interested in fighting like boys usually are. (Physical fighting, at least)
But I have to say, my boys are special. They are always cuddling. They watch shows with both hands behind their head! Squabbles are usually resolved with a punch to the offending's kidney and then over with. And I hear you can just shave their heads and throw them in the backyard.

So, if you don't know by now, I am obsessed with names. I am struggling with this here darn boy. I think I like "A". I might like Austin. I could go for Adler. Aaron is my sister's name (Erin). Allen is too blah. Alex would be problematic for my marriage (past boyfriend). Any other ideas?


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Shelli said...

Anglesey? Just Kidding. Glad to hear about Evan, tell him I like his haircut! ;) Momhood can be crazy, but you are doing so good! And if anyone can handle a house full of boys, I'm sure it's you. I like it...just shave their heads and throw them in the backyard!!
You could go Celtic...Angus! You could go English...Addison! Or German... Axel! However, I do like Austin. Always have. Good luck, I'm sure you'll think of a good one, all your kids have the cutest names!!

Lisa said...

You put me on your blog!! It only took me a month to see it! And even though it's a hilariously horrible picture of me (gorgeous picture of you) I feel special, so thanks:O). As for names, what happened to Soren and Cache? Well, if "A" is where it's "At" then what about taking names that have "A" as their second letter and dropping the first letter: ex. Ander (instead of Xander) by the way I LOVE Xander, or Acob, Andon, Alcolm, Athan...this is a really fun game, and it's getting late so I'm just silly. And the names are going to get progressively more you!