Sunday, March 20, 2011

Brock's World

My sweet Blue-Eyed Boy. Enough cuddles for everyone.
He is Superman with "Muscle Powers!".
Well, a little more vulnerable than Superman, considering he has had his share of spills.
Bad moods do come.....but pass with an "I love you" just as quickly as they come.
This sums up Brock's days as well as mine. Although this video was almost a year ago, just imagine the same thing with a little more violence for what happens today.
We love our Brocky. He makes our family special.


Mrs. T said...

o sure do love Brock-- i LOVED it when you guys were gone and i had Taycie n Brock here and he was VERY cuddly to me...??? :) his faces are so funny-- they crack me up. keep the blog updates coming lady!!

Di said...

They are all so big. Brock sure does have some awesome blue eyes. Heard you had your baby. Congrats!