Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer= Russian Olive Trees and Frozen Cookies

MMMMMM! Have you ever smelled a Russian Olive?
If you don't think you have, I bet you are wrong.
Whenever I am on the freeway passing American Fork and Pleasant Grove, I can roll down the windows and let my nose fill with the freshness.
I swear all my troubles are scared away.
Russian Olives are my troubles' enemy.

Confession: I bought these at Costco.
Not one was baked.

Instead they were devoured as "frozen cookies".
That's right, a whole box of cookie dough was eaten within 5 days.

The culprits:
and me.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh, yes I did!!

What???!!! I NEVER make purchases like this, you know, the "see-something-you-like-don't-tell-your-husband-get-the-card-before-you-change-your-mind" kind of purchase. I usually give myself plenty of time to let the want become a discarded thought. But here's the great part (I think)....I don't regret it!! Cason is going to Kindergarten this fall at a school in bike distance and Taycie got into their preschool program, so I will be taking two kids there and would love to ride bikes there with room for Rhett and Brock. So, yes, I shouldn't have, but I DID!!

Don't forget to read on about NieNie!!

NieNie Dialogues

I was asked to pick a woman to portray for an little program we are doing at Girls' Camp next week. I chose to tell Stephanie Clarks story. I had never heard of her or her blog but from the little I heard, I knew she would be perfect, so I delved into her blog after the kids went to bed. It wasn't long before the tears came. I was crying for a mother who grieves for a life gone. What's so much more though, is what she celebrates. She loves her family, especially her husband. She shares the gospel, she rejoices in temples. If I keep going the floodgates will open again. Please read her blog! And please read March 23, 2009. I promise if you do, you will go about your day a little differently. I hope, hope, hope I do.